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CoralWatch is a citizen science project based at The University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. CoralWatch helps non-scientists around the globe understand and support effective reef management by using engaging tools that provide people with accessible information and hands-on-experience collecting scientific data about the health of corals using the Coral Health Chart. This chart standardises changes in coral colours, and provides a simple way for people to quantify coral health and contribute to the CoralWatch global database. The Coral Health Chart is used by dive centres, scientists, school groups, and tourists. To get involved simply download a Do it Yourself Kit, or the CoralWatch Apps (Android and Apple), request a Coral Health Chart and you are ready to start monitoring.

CoralWatch also conducts regular workshops for communities, teachers and students and has developed a range of high quality educational materials (e.g. books, dvd, curriculum linked lesson plans), many of these are freely available.

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ReefBlitz was a great succes. CoralWatch conducted 90 surveys monitoring 1570 individual corals on at least 22 different reef locations by 34 different surveyers.


Coral Bleaching hits Great Barrier Reef again!!!

This year in January CoralWatch bleaching alert risks have been identified for the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Utila (Honduras), Philippines, Brazil, Thailand and Maldives. Shocking imagery of last years event on the GBR has been captured from reefs around Lizard Island by CoralWatch. Check out some of the photos here, view recent news stories here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates.

Keep up to date with the latest NOAA bleachng alerts for your area here:

noaa bleaching

CoralWatch Activity Summary 2014-2015

ISIF Asia grant report

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