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CoralWatch integrates global monitoring of coral bleaching with education about coral reef conservation. We are based at The University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. In 2002, CoralWatch developed and validated the Coral Health Chart (Siebeck et al. Monitoring coral bleaching using a colour reference card. Coral Reefs 2006;25:453-460). The chart standardises changes in coral colour, providing a simple way to quantify bleaching and monitor coral health. The Coral Health Chart is used by dive centres, scientists, school groups, and tourists. Anyone can contribute to our global database! You don’t need extensive training – just download a Do it Yourself Kit, request a Coral Health Chart, and you are ready to go!  Get involved,  follow CoralWatch!

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Data entry app

New CoralWatch Data Entry APP in English and Bahasa Indonesia!
Supported by ISIF Asia.

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APNIC 40 Jakarta 8-11 Sep - CoralWatch presents 'Apps for Citizen Science'
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National Science Week. Succesfull event on board Reef Magic, Cairns. Read more

Coral Health in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, NSW Australia 2012 - 2015. View report from underwater research group.

 CoralWatch volunteer using the Health Chart while reef walking'HEALTHY REEFS FROM POLYP TO POLICY' curriculum linked unit plan request a free copy today.




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